The island of Rügen offers variety

Ostseebad Sellin - magical resort with history

The most famous and popular seaside resorts of the island of Rügen are located in the southeast. These include Binz, Sellin and Göhren. All three seaside resorts are located directly on the Baltic Sea, have beautiful, long, white beaches and the characteristic seaside resort architecture.

Sellin had its heyday between 1896 and 1912. During this time, the magnificent villas in the style of the resort architecture, which still today make up the special charm of the Baltic Sea baths. During this time, the Wilhelmstrasse was also created, a wide promenade that leads directly to the pier and a beautiful bay with a fine sandy Baltic beach.


On Wilhelmstrasse you can admire the most beautiful villas in Sellin. Here are most of the hotels and shops of the place. Many have beautiful terraces, from which you can admire the wonderfully picturesque architecture of the resort architecture. The Wilhelmstrasse leads uphill towards the pier. From this point you have a wonderful view of the Baltic Sea and the much lower level pier. The ladder called stairs leads down over 99 steps. If that's too steep, take the lift to the left of the stairs.

The pier was built in 1906. Before the construction of the bridge, the bathers, who were traveling from Berlin to Szczecin at the time and were sailing to Sellin on one of the big steamboats, had to be brought ashore by sailboats. After accidents had occurred, they decided to build a pier. The building was originally over 500 meters long. The pier has been repeatedly damaged in its long history by storms and ice drift, twice it was even completely destroyed. After the war there was a popular dance restaurant. In the late 1970s, the bridge had to be demolished for rotting. In 1998, the elaborate new building, after the historical model of 1927, reopened. This gave the island of Rügen back one of its most beautiful sights and Sellin its landmark.

Germany's most diverse island presents itself

Rügen is Germany's most beautiful and with 926 km² also Germany's largest island.

On Rügen you will find 574 km of coastline and 63 km fine white beaches, deep blue Baltic Sea and bright white resort architecture, sophisticated seaside resorts and small fishing villages, lovely beaches and rugged cliffs, in short: On Rügen you will find a unique wealth of variety.

The most hours of sunshine in Germany and excellent water quality make complaints to the bathing paradise. The steady light wind and numerous small harbors make Rügen a paradise for sailors. A fantastic network of bike paths makes cyclists' hearts beat faster. And the rest can not believe on an island, so much impressed the diversity.

Even in the summer months it is possible to find a lonely place to eat freshly caught fish while watching a dramatic sunset. Or sit by the campfire on the beach and watch the day at sea.


On Rügen life is more intense ...

Sports and leisure tips

Cycling on Rügen
The bike paths are constantly being expanded on Rügen. Especially from Sellin, there are wonderful goals. Always along the beach promenade to Göhren, with a magnificent view over the Baltic Sea and the famous chalk cliffs. Through the Granitz to Binz, with a detour at the hunting lodge Granitz with a cozy beer garden. Basically, you can discover the whole island by bike, because almost every bus and the "Racing Roland" have a trailer for bicycles, so you can cover even greater distances. Ask us, we will gladly tell you the best tours.
Bathing fun in the "Ahoy"- bathing paradise
In Sellin, just a few minutes walk from our house, is the island paradise. A pretty indoor pool with water slide, outdoor pool and extensive sauna area. There is an adventure pool with 30 ° C, a white water channel and relaxing baths in the whirlpool at 36 ° C and in the hot water pool at 35 ° C. Slippery fun and thrills await you in the 106-meter Black Hole, with surprising light and sound effects. Ideal in spring or autumn, when the Baltic Sea is too cold to swim.


One of the nicest sports ever and a wonderful way to get to know the island from a different perspective. Have you ever wanted to glide stylishly on a big yacht, or do you prefer the sporty version on a dinghy? You can sail on Rügen in any variation. You can rent boats, sail or visit a sailing school.


Swimming is considered one of the healthiest sports because it has the least risk of injury. In addition, the buoyancy in the water significantly reduces the stress on the joints and bones, relieves the heart and stimulates the circulation. The seawater is also a treat for your skin and your soul. Since swimming is inextricably linked to an island vacation, it is mentioned only for the sake of completeness. Who would forget about swimming in the sea during a holiday on Rügen?

The current events calendar of Sellin can be found here